Experience the transformation of regular passenger services between Tarifa and the Moroccan city of Tanger Ville in an environmentally-friendly maritime route, brought to you by the Bay of Algeciras Port Authority (APBA). The institution’s Board of Directors has approved the terms for the upcoming tender of the concession for operating the two docks at the Port of Tarifa.

Flexible Concession Periods

In coordination with officials from the Port of Tanger City, a greater emphasis has been placed on technical and environmental criteria over economic ones when evaluating offers for the tender. The aim is to support shipping companies that invest in more sustainable vessels and offer services aligned with the APBA’s Green Strategy. The concession period will now depend on the type of vessels offered by the shipping company. It can range from 3 years and 3 months for existing fleet, 7 years for retrofitted vessels, and up to 15 years for newly built ships. Additionally, ferries will need to meet energy efficiency standards to use OnShore Power Supply (OPS), an electrical connection system during the vessel’s stay in port to eliminate emissions, noise, and vibrations. The development of this technology, funded by the European Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan, aims to offer electric connections at the Port of Tarifa from 2025 with a budget of €1.7 million.

Moreover, the tender’s terms also introduce higher standards to improve passenger accessibility to the pier, enhancing the service for over 1.6 million passengers who cross through the southernmost port of the European continent each year. According to APBA President, Gerardo Landaluce, the project showcases the value of the facilities at the Port of Tarifa: «1 in 4 travelers crossing the Strait through APBA-managed ports uses the Port of Tarifa. Investing in refining the experience of these passengers, as well as improving the environmental situation for the municipality, underscores our commitment to environmental sustainability.»

Looking towards the future, Landaluce emphasizes the need to improve land access to the Port of Tarifa, considering the expected increase in passengers during both the 2030 Strait of Gibraltar crossing operation and the FIFA World Cup. Currently, passengers with vehicles need to navigate through the city center to enter and exit the port area, traveling 23 kilometers to reach the A-7 highway or 60 kilometers to reach the A-48.

In 2023, the Port of Tarifa celebrated its 20th anniversary as the Schengen Area’s external border. Over the past two decades, it has welcomed over 20 million passengers headed to the Port of Tanger City. Don’t miss out on being part of this transformative and sustainable maritime journey!