Experience the best of Andalusian theater as the Andalusian Network of Public Theaters, managed by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Sports through the Andalusian Cultural Institutions Agency, kicks off its first semester programming this weekend. Villamartín and Lebrija will be the first to host this exciting initiative, in collaboration with their local governments, featuring the play ‘El crimen del Palodú’ directed by Antonio Campos.

With a record budget of 1.150.500 euros and a 15% increase from last year, this year’s program includes 104 shows across 73 participating municipalities. The Red features the best of Andalusian and national theater, dance, music, and circus performances, catering to every taste from classic to innovative.

Emphasizing the importance of the arts, the Red encourages artistic collaboration and the development and growth of audiences. The groundbreaking program has also expanded to include shows from outside Andalusia for the first time, introducing an exciting variety of performances to audiences across the region.

This year, the inclusion of projects focusing on mediation and artistic residencies seeks to foster the growth of performing arts and music, celebrating creativity and innovation. The Red guarantees a contemporary and diverse cultural experience, showcasing renowned companies like Atalaya, Las niñas de Cádiz, and La maquiné alongside national references like Yllana.

The Andalusian public will revel in acclaimed shows such as ‘No estoy de frente’ and ‘El bosque’, representing the best in Spanish cinema and dance. The diversity continues with a range of music genres including ancient music, jazz, rock, fado, and choral music.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Our Abecedaria program, dedicated to school audiences, will delight kids with award-winning performances across Andalusia. The shows cater to the youngest audience with captivating performances like ‘Sin luna’, ‘La fábula de la ardilla’, and ‘Cris pequeña valiente’, ensuring a rich cultural experience for children.

With the support of the Andalusian Cultural Institutions Agency and the participating municipalities, the Red promises compelling performances at affordable prices. This year’s budget of 2.134.000 euros displays the dedication and investment made to cultivate a better understanding and appreciation for the performing arts.

Join us in this unparalleled celebration of Andalusian culture, where the arts take center stage. For more information, visit The Andalusian Network of Public Theatres. Let the show begin!