Join the IAPH in celebrating the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, as approved by the United Nations General Assembly to achieve full and equal access and participation in science for women and girls, and to achieve gender equality and empowerment. This day is celebrated every year on February 11th.

This day reminds us that women and girls play a fundamental role in science and technology communities and that their participation must be strengthened. The celebration is led by UNESCO and UN Women, in collaboration with institutions and civil society, promoting the access and participation of women and girls in science.

From the Andalusian Institute of Historical Heritage, an organization of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sports, we want to highlight the work of female scientists who pursue their profession in our facilities in Seville and Cádiz, whose testimonies represent a part of this extensive community that does science in fields such as chemistry, geology, paleobiology, and biology, among other disciplines.

IAPH Program in 2024

February 9
Outreach Day at the Center for Underwater Archeology Library (CAS) – Cádiz

Location: Balneario de Nuestra Señora de la Palma y del Real – Avenida Duque de Nájera, 3. Cádiz

Goal: To showcase the research carried out at CAS and how its library is an essential pillar for the development of all these works. This initiative aims to contribute to the elimination of gender stereotypes that hinder young women’s access to scientific, engineering, and technological studies (STEM), aligning with Sustainable Development Goal 5 of the 2030 Agenda.

During the event, a visit to the facilities of this Center will be made, with a special emphasis on its specialized library and its laboratories, where the research carried out on archaeological remains located during the excavation of a sunken ship in the port of Cádiz will be presented, as well as the stabilization process of these materials, essential for their short and long-term preservation.

· Milagros Alzaga, CAS – IAPH
· Eloísa Bernáldez, paleobiologist IAPH
· Lourdes Márquez, CAS – IAPH
· Josefa Martí, CAS – IAPH
· Carmen Sánchez, IAPH Library

February 11
Video testimonial from our laboratory scientists

It will be published online on our YouTube channel and social media.

· Eloísa Bernáldez, paleobiologist IAPH
· Esther Ontiveros, geologist IAPH
· Alejandra Arroyo, chemist IAPH
· Lourdes Martín, chemist IAPH
· Marta Sameño, biologist IAPH

February 12
Visit to the IAPH headquarters in Seville by Ribamar school (1st and 3rd ESO)

This will be a guided tour (10 hours) of the IAPH restoration workshops with a special explanation for this day of the scientific analysis we carry out on works of art.

Goal: To disseminate the scientific aspect of the study of cultural assets in a discourse at the 1st ESO and 3rd ESO level. To support this, we will use an audiovisual on the intervention in the Pinocho puppet (Museo de Cádiz), where the necessary studies are carried out to characterize the materials used in heritage. We will focus on one of the most innovative techniques being applied: our HYDRA team, non-invasive, and analyzing works without the need for samples. We will also show a treatment of desinfestation by anoxia through a transformed and controlled atmosphere of nitrogen gas (N2). The purpose of this treatment is to eliminate, by anoxia, all phases of the biological cycle of insects that may be attacking the work, in a hermetically sealed system, by replacing atmospheric air with nitrogen gas, an inert gas that therefore does not produce physico-chemical alterations on the treated materials.

· Antonio Martín, UCC – IAPH
· Marta Sameño, biologist IAPH
· Auxiliadora Gómez, chemist IAPH