Experience the incredible success of the Port of Algeciras as it closes another exceptional year, surpassing 100 million tons of cargo activity for the eighth consecutive year, coming in at just 2% below the previous year’s result. Of particular note are the 211 megaships (containerships with a capacity of over 16,000 teus) that have operated in 2023 at the Algeciras Port terminals, representing a staggering 47% increase from the previous year, all servicing regular routes between Asia and Europe. While provisional, the container traffic figures stand at 4.73 million Teus, a mere 0.7% less than the previous year.

Looking ahead to the coming year, the port is prepared for the challenges posed by the ETS (Emissions Trading System) implementation, as well as the crisis in the Red Sea. President of the Port of Algeciras, Gerardo Landaluce, emphasized the port’s readiness to minimize the disruption to supply chains. With determination, he called for the removal of barriers hindering the port’s development and its competitiveness, highlighting the strategic role Algeciras plays in alleviating challenges on major maritime routes. Landaluce underscores the need for a state policy to capitalize on the port’s strategic location, advocating for investments in land connectivity (rail and road access) and environmental viability support. The APBA envisions investments of 511 million euros over the next five years, with 103 million allocated for the current year, aimed at both land and marine infrastructure.