Get ready for an exciting change starting with the next issue (June 2024) of the

PH magazine

We’re enhancing our content with thematic issues. Our experience has shown us that our audience most enjoys issues that focus on a particular topic.

Therefore, in an effort to continuously evolve the periodic publication of the Consejería de Turismo Cultura y Deporte, coordinated by the IAPH since 1992, we propose to include a thematic section in each volume, coordinated and evaluated by an external expert in the field. The changes will be implemented progressively throughout 2024.

All these changes are detailed in the latest issue PH 111 that we have just published. Cinta Delgado Soler delves into the reasons behind this reimagining of the magazine and previews some of the thematic topics planned for this year. For example, the June issue (PH 112) will be dedicated to recent best practices carried out by the Instituto Andaluz del Patrimonio Histórico in the field of intervention, research, innovation, documentation, communication, and cultural heritage development in Andalusia. And in October 2024, we will publish a monograph on Heritage and University (PH 113) that will fully embrace the new proposed framework.

For now, we invite you to read the newly published PH 111, ready to be fully and freely accessed and downloaded: