Check out the newly revamped Tribunal Administrativo del Deporte de Andalucía (TADA), the top administrative body for resolving sports disputes in the region. With its recent partial renewal of members, TADA is now stronger than ever in delivering fair and impartial decisions for competitive, disciplinary, electoral, and sanctioning matters in the world of sports.

Operating autonomously and composed of 13 esteemed jurists, TADA is truly a force to be reckoned with in the sports arena. And with its recent appointments of Pedro José Contreras Jurado, María Dolores García Bernal, Diego Medina Morales, Fernando Maqueda Moresco, María del Amor Albert Muñoz, and Eugenio Pedro Benítez Montero, the Tribunal is packed with fresh talent and expertise.

It’s not just about the individuals, though. TADA’s structural organization is also on point, with Ignacio Benítez Ortúzar as President, Santiago Prados Prados, Manuel Montero Aleu, and María Dolores García Bernal as Vice Presidents, and Antonio José Sánchez Pino as Secretary. And that’s not all – the Tribunal’s sections, including the sanctioning, disciplinary, and electoral, are all fully equipped with dedicated members ready to tackle any sports-related challenge that comes their way.

So, if you’re in the sports world in Andalucía, rest assured that TADA is standing by to ensure fairness and justice for all. Don’t miss out on all the action – stay tuned for more updates from the sporty realm of Andalucía’s very own Tribunal Administrativo del Deporte.