Discover the fascinating world of the Nerja Cave with the new book «Nerja Cave: Scientific Outreach Notebook». This book brings together six decades of scientific research in the Málaga cave and is authored by Luis-Efrén Fernández Rodríguez, Yolanda del Rosal Padial, and Cristina Liñán Baena, all from the Nerja Cave Research Institute.

Presented in Málaga by the authors, along with the Director General of Historical Heritage of the Ministry, Mónica Ortiz, and the Government Sub-delegate and President of the Nerja Cave Foundation, Javier Salas, this publication is part of the «Scientific Outreach Notebooks» collection, launched by the Ministry. Its carefully curated content aims to make scientific knowledge accessible to the public using a language that is informative, pedagogical, and engaging.

Comprising 168 pages of text, historical and color images, the book offers both known and previously unpublished insights into the cave. With an emphasis on an updated and comprehensive understanding of the cave’s archaeological, geological, and biological aspects, this book is a must-have for anyone interested in the rich history and natural wonders of the Nerja Cave.

From archaeological sequences to geological features and biological inhabitants, this book provides an extensive overview, making it the perfect companion for enriching a visit to the cave, or for educational purposes in the classroom or at home.

The authors have meticulously updated the archaeological, geological, and biological details, providing a robust understanding of the nearly 40,000 years of occupation of the cave. The cave’s geological values and unique role as a habitat for several endemic species are also explored, highlighting the comprehensive and diverse nature of this extraordinary site.

A place of cultural and geological significance, the Nerja Cave has been pivotal in the study of prehistoric southern Iberia, revealing insights into periods from the Upper Paleolithic to the Bronze Age. The book is a tribute to this exceptional archaeological site, presenting a narrative of occupation and cultural development that spans over 38,000 years.

The authors of this enlightening book are Luis-Efrén Fernández Rodríguez, Director of the Nerja Cave Research Institute and Conservator Archaeologist; Yolanda del Rosal Padial, Biologist at the Institute; and Cristina Liñán Baena, Geologist at the Institute.