Today, history was made as the President of the Junta de Andalucía, José Antonio Griñán, and the Minister of Public Works, Ana Pastor, jointly inaugurated the new road and rail access to Isla Verde Exterior and the rail-port terminal. This incredible expansion, involving an investment of 18 million euros co-financed with EU Feder Funds, signals a monumental step forward. The event was graced by the presence of numerous esteemed guests, including the top entrepreneurs of companies currently propelling the Port of Algeciras to a 17% overall traffic increase and a 27% rise in container traffic (May 2012 data).

During his address, President Griñán emphasized the Port of Algeciras’ exceptional growth and its increasing global influence, especially during a time of severe international financial crisis. He spoke of the port’s immense potential for the future, underlining the critical need for a high-capacity merchandise network, such as the Mediterranean Corridor stretching across Andalucía.

Minister Pastor lauded the Port of Algeciras as not only one of Spain’s most significant but also a major player in all of Europe. Expressing gratitude to the entrepreneurs present, she pledged to make the Bay of Algeciras Port the paramount hub of the Strait of Gibraltar, owing to her firm belief in the role of ports in economic development. She highlighted the port’s role as a generator of economic growth not just for Algeciras, but for Andalucía and all of Spain.


The President of APBA, Manuel Morón, evoked 120 years of history, stressing that railway connections have remained largely unchanged since the inception of the Algeciras-Bobadilla line. He advocated for the improvement of this line to be in alignment with the cutting-edge terminal inaugurated within the port’s grounds, fulfilling the commitment to the companies investing in the Port of Algeciras and the wider market.

Mayor José Ignacio Landaluce underlined the importance of advocating for essential developments to generate wealth and employment, emphasizing that the city’s future is at stake and relying on a strong rail network is an imperative.

The event concluded with the unveiling of a commemorative plaque and the symbolic departure of the first freight train from the new terminal, carrying containers from various global shipping companies. The new rail-port terminal, boasting a 750-meter track, is poised to serve the needs of companies operating within the expanded Port of Algeciras, or in other parts of the port.

The new terminal’s features include a 750-meter rail yard to accommodate freight trains servicing the companies that have relocated to or are in the process of setting up in the Port of Algeciras’ expansion, as well as those already operating in other parts of the port.