The Andalusian Institute of Historical Heritage (IAPH) has undergone a significant transformation, approved by the Council of Government through a groundbreaking new decree. This reform reflects the changing legal landscape and aims to enhance the institution’s competitive edge.

Under these new statutes, the IAPH is now recognized as a public enterprise agency within the Andalusian public sector. The agency’s primary objective is to carry out activities that promote public engagement, manage services, or produce goods of public interest. This expansion of roles underscores the IAPH’s commitment to serving the people of Andalusia in innovative and impactful ways.

The reforms also include the institute’s inclusion in the budgetary accounting system and its official accreditation as a research institute. These developments represent a significant leap forward, bolstering the IAPH’s scientific output and its ability to contribute to Andalusian society.

Additionally, the decree introduces key organizational changes, including the creation of new directorates and centers within the IAPH. These units will serve as operational hubs for scientific and technical functions related to cultural heritage, contributing to the institute’s multidimensional mission.

Furthermore, the IAPH’s governance structure has been revamped to enhance transparency and expertise. This includes the establishment of a Board of Directors and an Advisory Board, comprising esteemed professionals and representatives from academia and industry. These additions will ensure that the IAPH remains at the forefront of historical and cultural preservation.

In light of these transformative changes, the Andalusian Institute of Historical Heritage is poised to continue its legacy of excellence and innovation, enriching the cultural fabric of Andalusia and beyond.